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January 1, 2016



To announce is to provide information through speaking or writing. An announcement usually regards something that is important.

simple past past participle
  • Maria and David announced that they were getting married.
  • Walter will announce his decision to leave the company or remain where he is.
  • Amina was thrilled to announce that she's expecting a baby.
  • The airline announced that flights would be delayed due to bad weather.

The word "announcement" is a noun:

  • Did you hear the announcement?
  • The teacher made an important announcement.
  • Daily announcements at school are made over the intercom.
  • Wedding announcements are sent out several months before a big wedding takes place.

A person who make announcements is called an announcer.

  • Radio announcers inform listeners of the time, the weather, and the latest news.
  • Football announcers describe what is happening during a football game.
  • The announcer could not be heard because the public address (P.A.) system was full of static.


He needs to make an announcement.


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