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To glance at something is to look at it quickly.

  • Gloria glanced at the headlines on the front page of the newspaper, but she didn't read the stories.
  • The boy on the beach secretly glanced at the girls on the beach under the cover of dark sunglasses.
  • Maria and Tom exchanged glances as they sat across from each other in the classroom. (This means that they probably like each other in romantic fashion.)
  • You can take a very quick glance at the sun, but don't stare at it. It will burn your eyes!
  • I caught a glance of myself as I passed by the store window. (I saw a reflection of myself in the glass. This sentence uses "glance" as a noun.)
  • Do you mind if I steal a glance at that? (This is an expression. To steal a glance is to look at something very quickly.)
  • I need to take a glance at your computer to see what the problem is.


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January 7, 2016







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