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The word "high" is an adjective that you can use to describe a vertical distance, from the bottom to the top.

  • Planes fly high above the earth.
  • The sun is high in the early afternoon.
  • That building is 56 stories high. (stories = levels)
  • It's a high-rise. (a tall building)
  • How high can you jump?
  • How high are gas prices where you live?
  • If something is too high, you might have to use a ladder or a step ladder to reach it.
  • Some women like to wear high-heeled shoes because it makes them feel taller.
  • Athena is wearing high heels today.

high heels high heels

adjective comparative adjective superlative adjective
  • The sun is higher in the sky in the afternoon than it is in the morning or evening.
  • A mountain is higher than a hill.
  • A CEO usually makes the highest salary in a corporation. (CEO = chief executive officer
  • The students with the highest grades in the school will be recognized at an awards ceremony.

We also use the word "high" to describe a large amount or a large concentration of something.

  • Breakfast cereal that is high in fiber is good for your digestive system.
  • If your blood pressure is too high, you might have a heart attack.
  • Eggs are high in protein, but they're also high in cholesterol.
  • People who work with high technology need special skills and experience. (high technology = advanced computers, machines, and gadgets)
  • This store specializes in high-end jewelry. (high- end = excellent quality and expensive)


The word "highly" is an adverb. In this case, it's similar to other adverbs such as "really" and "very."

  • All of the teachers think very highly of Theresa because she's smart and a good student.
  • Alonzo was highly recommended for this position. (Other people said good things about him.)
  • We need someone who is highly qualified to teach at our school.
  • It's highly likely that we're going to get rain today. (highly likely = very likely, very possible)
  • Some children are highly sensitive to peanuts.

There are some expressions and slang that use the word "high."

  • Ever since Rodney won the lottery, he's been living high. (live high = to have money and spend it on luxury items)
  • The police pulled the man over because they thought he was high. (high = drunk, stoned, or on drugs)
  • That's very high tech. (high technology)
  • High five! (Slap my hand to celebrate something)


Note: The word "high" is the opposite of low.


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January 10, 2016







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