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To intend is to plan to do something. This word has a slightly formal feel to it, but you can use it for most situations in which you describe future activity. (Notice that "intend" is usually followed by a gerund or an infinitive.)

  • What do you intend on doing once you complete your education?
  • What does he intend on doing with his life?
  • How do you intend on paying for your new car?
  • Whom do they intend on hiring to fill the position?
  • Katie and Richard intend on getting married in the fall.
  • Investigators intend to find out who committed the crime.
  • The family intends to move into the new house this weekend.

scientist She intends on becoming a scientist when she finishes school.

The word "intention" is a noun.

  • What are your intentions regarding this piece of property? (What are you going to do with it?)
  • The man's evil intentions were not clear to anyone until it was too late.
  • Teachers have very good intentions, but sometimes they offer too much help.
  • It was a well-intentioned effort, but it just made matters worse.

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January 12, 2016







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