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July 1, 2016



An adult is a person who has matured physically and emotionally beyond adolescence. In the United States, a person is considered a legal adult once he or she becomes 18 years old.

  • Henry is 20 years old, but he doesn't really feel like an adult yet.
  • Sophia is 19 and has two children. She quickly became an adult.
  • Maria wants to go into nursing when she becomes an adult.
  • The adults in the room laughed at the joke while the children wondered what was so funny.
  • Our neighbors had a party that was for adults only. No one brought their kids.
  • That movie is intended for an adult audience because of the language used in it.
  • The people who rented the hotel room for the night made a big mess. They certainly didn't behave like adults.
  • Are you an adult? or Are you an adult? (Most people in the U.S. put the stress on the second syllable when pronouncing this word. The second question puts the stress on the first syllable.)



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