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July 28, 2016



Use the word "call" as a noun or as a verb when communicating with another person by phone or in person.

In this first set of examples, "call" is a noun for telephone technology:

  • I got a phone call.
  • I have to take this call.
  • Shondra received a call for a job interview.
  • Lester is trying to make a call.
  • It's not a good idea to take a call while you are driving a car. (take a call = answer the phone)

You can also use "call" as a verb that describes the action of taking or making a phone call:

  • Call me when you get home.
  • Your mother called to say she has some good news.
  • Who are you calling? (Or you can use "whom" in this question because it's an object.)
  • Who called? ("Who" is the subject.)
  • Has anyone called about the car?

There are many different circumstances under which the word "call" is used:

  • The teacher called on Rosa to answer the question.
  • Bill feels a calling to help those who are less fortunate than he is. (a calling = a spiritual motivation)
  • Mohamed has to keep his eye on his cell phone tonight because he's on call. (on call = available immediately as part of one's job.)
  • Volunteer fire fighters are on call 24/7. (24/7 = 24 hours a day, seven days a week)
  • Salespeople often have to make cold calls as part of their job. (cold call = a phone call or personal visit made in order to sell something to a customer)
  • Sandy works as a call girl. (call girl = female escort who is paid to have a relationship with a man)
  • Saritha works at a call center. (call center = a place that takes phone calls from customers)
  • What is this called? (What is the name of the this thing?)
  • A soldier answers the call of duty. (call of duty = to sacrifice oneself for a cause)
  • He called her a name. (call a name = to say something mean about another person)
  • It's not nice to call other people names.

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