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July 25, 2016



The word "excite" is used when a person feels good about a current of future event.

  • The children were excited by the appearance of a clown at the birthday party.
  • The clown excited the children so much that they began to scream. One child started to cry.
  • The possibilities of a new job excite Nadia.
  • The music played by the band excited the audience.

The words "exciting" and "excited" are common adjectives. In this case, remember that a person is excited and a thing is exciting.

  • It's exciting to see a live soccer match.
  • Isn't this exciting?
  • We're so excited about our trip to Europe.
  • Do you feel excited about your new job?
  • They're excited to meet their uncle for the first time.
  • It was an exciting experience to meet President Obama.

The word "excitement" is a noun.

  • The teenagers in the audience expressed their excitement with loud screaming and cheering.
  • The woman couldn't contain her excitement after finding out she was pregnant.
  • There's a lot of excitement in the business community regarding this new construction project.
  • Do you feel the excitement?
  • Excitement is in the air.

excited man

He's very excited!

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