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June 20, 2016



The word "exit" is used when someone leaves a building or a situation.

simple past past participle
  • Please exit the room.
  • Be aware of pedestrians as you exit the parking garage.
  • People quickly exited the building when the police told them to leave.
  • You can enter and exit the building through a revolving door.

In these sentences, the word "exit" is a noun:

  • Where's the exit?
  • Go to the nearest exit.
  • There's a big red sign that says "exit" over the door.
  • It's a good idea to locate the exit when you are in a building that's unfamiliar to you.


Exit here.

Sometimes this word is used as an adjective.

  • Students need to take exit exams before they are given credit for completing the program.
  • The country had no exit strategy after it proclaimed a military victory.
  • Exit polls are conducted on the day of an election in order to get an idea of who might win.


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