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May 30, 2016



A memorial is an event, a location, or a structure that honors a person or a group of people who have left a lasting impression on others.

  • A memorial service was held last week for a police officer who died while on duty.
  • The police officer was memorialized at a special service. (The word "memorialize" is a verb.)
  • Memorial services are held at funeral homes, churches, or public meeting areas when someone dies.
  • The Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. was built in honor of Abraham Lincoln.
lincoln memorial
  • Special cemeteries for soldiers are memorials for people who have given their lives for their country.
  • Many memorials include the names of people who have died.
ww2 memorial
  • The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin memorializes the millions of innocent civilians who were killed by the Nazis during World War II.
berlin memorial
  • The 911 Memorial in New York City memorializes the thousands of innocent people who were killed by Al Qaeda.
911 memorial
  • Some memorials feature an eternal flame that is never extinguished. (The fire never goes out.)
eternal flame


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