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May 2, 2016



A lane is a long, narrow passage used for traveling or moving:

  • A highway is separated into lanes.
  • When driving on the highway, drivers stay in their lanes.
  • Lanes are clearly marked with lines
  • When making a right turn or a left turn onto a street, you might have to get into a turning lane.

turning lane This is a turning lane.

The word "lane" is also used in place of the word "road."

  • There are four other houses on this lane.
  • Barb and Dan live on Rasberry Lane. (This would be the name of the street.)
  • The lane is wide enough for just one car to use it at a time. It's a narrow lane.


This is a narrow lane.

There are a few other ways in which "lane" might be used:

  • If you go bowling, you throw the ball down a lane in order hit the pins.
  • People who live in the fast lane go out a lot, spend a lot of money, and do exciting things.


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