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Socks are worn on the feet for warmth and protection.

  • Tom is wearing a pair of socks.
  • The socks that he's wearing match. (They are the same color.)
  • He has on a matching pair of socks.
  • He has socks on his feet.
  • I usually wear socks when I'm inside my house.
  • A person who doesn't wear socks or shoes goes barefoot.


The word "sock" is also used as a verb. In this case, "sock" means hit.

  • Oscar got socked in the eye. (Oscar got hit.)
  • Someone socked him.
  • A big storm socked the east coast.
  • The people on the east coast got socked by a storm.
  • We got socked by an increase in our taxes last year.
  • The government really socked it to us.


Date of publication: November 23, 2016




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