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To underline something is to draw a line underneath it, usually a word. The reason for underlining words is to show their importance. You can also use the word "underline" to indicate that a situation is important or needs attention.

  • The word "attention" is underlined.
  • The teacher told the students to underline all of the verbs in the sentence.
  • The verbs are underlined.
  • Ronald underlined an entire paragraph in a book he's reading because he was so impressed by the ideas he found there.
  • The titles of the books are underlined on the reference page.
  • Some hyperlinks are underlined to show that they lead to another page or another website on the internet.
  • The link is underlined when you roll over it with your mouse.
  • Growing traffic problems in our area underline the need for new mass transit solutions.


Date of publication: November 26, 2016




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