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A person who votes indicates his or her choice for a political candidate or for a position on an issue.

  • Americans vote on Election Day.
  • Some people voted early as absentee voters.
  • Who are you voting for?
  • A significant number of citizens don't vote or have never voted.
  • The voting process is really quite easy.
  • Voters fill out electronic or paper ballots when making a choice for a candidate.
  • Who would you vote for if you could vote?
  • Voters vote in voting booths. (voter = person who votes)
  • Voting is a a good way to participate in a democracy.
  • Anyone who is over the age of 18 and a citizen of the United States may vote.
  • I have to vote today, but I won't be able to get to my polling place until the afternoon.

The word "vote" is also used in conversation when the situation has nothing to do with politics.

  • If we're getting pizza, I vote for cheese and sausage.
  • The members of our group needed to take a vote in order to make a decision about office equipment.
  • Let's take a vote to see who will lead our team.

Note: U.S. elections are held for national and state level elections on the first Tuesday of November unless the first Tuesday is the first day of the month. That's kind of a weird law, but it's found in the U.S. Constitution.

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Date of publication: November 8, 2016



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