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The day before today is referred to as yesterday. Whenever you talk about yesterday, make sure the verbs are in a past tense or a perfect tense:

  • She has been waiting for her package since yesterday. (present perfect continuous tense)
  • Yesterday we went to see a movie. (past tense)
  • What were you doing yesterday? (past tense)
  • What did you do yesterday? (past continuous tense)
  • It snowed yesterday. (past tense)
  • Ana worked from 2 a.m. until noon yesterday. (past tense)
  • What did I do yesterday? I don't remember. (past tense)
  • We have been very busy starting yesterday. (present perfect tense)
  • The two men had never met each before yesterday's meeting. (past perfect tense)
  • The boss needs that work to be finished yesterday. (This sort of sentence emphasizes an immediate need. In this case, you could use "need" or "needed.")
  • I wasn't born yesterday, you know. (This is an expression. It means that you can't fool me or make me believe something that isn't true.)


Date of publication: November 30, 2016




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