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To be furious is to be very angry or very violent.

  • The man became furious when he found a big dent in the side of his car.
  • The mother's lack of responsibility or concern shown for her son's behavior made the store manager furious.
  • City residents are furious about a recent tax increase.
  • This makes me furious!
  • I'm absolutely furious!
  • Furious winds and rain are bearing down on Florida at this very moment.

The word "furiously" is an adverb:

  • A man was furiously attacked and beaten by a group of teenagers.
  • Vanessa shouted furiously at the police to stop them from harming her boyfriend.
  • Employees of the company worked furiously overnight to get their work completed.
  • A tornado furiously lashed several houses and completely destroyed them.

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Date of publication: October 7, 2016




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