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A gust is a strong burst of wind. Gusts can be unexpected and destructive.

  • Gusts of wind from hurricanes are very powerful.
  • A gust of wind came along and blew a lot of leaves off of the trees.
  • A strong gust of wind blew the roof off of a business.
  • Truckers are aware that a strong gust of wind can blow their trucks off course, causing them to lose control.

The word "gust" is also a verb:

  • The wind is gusting at up to 60 and 70 miles per hour.
  • The wind can gust strongly enough to take down an entire tree.

The word "gusty" is an adjective.

  • The wind is gusty today.
  • It's important to pay attention to gusty winds when driving over a bridge.
  • Gusty winds blew over a tree.
  • Gusty winds over the lake are creating big waves.

gusty wind

The wind is gusty today.

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Date of publication: October 8, 2016




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