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A gadget is a tool or a device. It's usually useful, but it might not be.

  • I have a gadget for removing the oil filter from my car.
  • My friend, Bob, has an interesting gadget in his Swiss army knife, but he's not sure what it's used for.
  • Hardware stores sell gadgets for fixing things around the house.
  • There are all sorts of gadgets that can be used in the kitchen for preparing food.
  • A garlic press is a gadget used for crushing and cutting garlic.
  • A potato peeler is a gadget used for peeling potatoes.
  • An ice cream scoop is a gadget that scoops out ice cream.
  • Some gadgets are very practical, but it's also true that some gadgets are not useful or impractical.


Someone invented a gadget for tying shoe laces, but it's not very practical.

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Date of publication: September 12, 2016




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