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A lake is a large body of water that is surrounded by land. The water in a lake is almost always fresh. That means you can drink it if it's clean. Lake water is usually not salty. A lake is much smaller than an ocean, and larger than a pond.

  • It's fun to go to the lake.
  • Lakes with sandy beaches are very popular.
  • There are over 14,000 lakes in Minnesota.

lake and dock

  • A dock is a place from which boats can be launched onto the lake.

boats on the lake

  • These sailboats are on the lake.
  • People who like to sail take their boats out onto the lake.

There are five Great Lakes in the United States: Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie.

Lake Superior

  • Lake Superior is the deepest and largest of the five Great Lakes.


  • Chicago is on Lake Michigan.

Note: The Great Lakes are shared by the United States and Canada. Boats from all over the world are able to visit the Great Lakes thanks to a lock and dam system.

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Date of publication: September 17, 2016




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