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A person who gambles takes certain risks in order to gain an advantage in the form of a position or increased wealth.

  • People go to a casino to gamble.
  • They also go to a racetrack to gamble on horse racing.
  • In some places, it's illegal to gamble.
  • A friend of mine gambled away his life's savings; now he's broke.
  • Have you ever gambled on anything?

The word "gamble" is often used for situations that have nothing to do with the sport of gambling but involve risk.

  • Mario is gambling with his life when he rides a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.
  • Ignoring your education is gambling with your future.
  • Extreme sports such as mountain climbing and skydiving don't seem to be worth the gamble. (You might die while participating in these sports.)

The word "gambling" is a gerund:

  • The state where I live permits limited gambling.
  • It's not easy to make a living by gambling.
  • Gambling can be very addictive.
  • A person with a gambling addiction might gamble away his or her personal fortune. (The word "gambling" is an adjective in this sentence.)

This word "gamble" can be used as a noun:

  • It's a gamble to ignore your doctor's advice.
  • Smoking is a gamble. Not everyone gets sick from it, but many people do.
  • I wouldn't want to take that gamble.
  • Moving to the United States may or may not be a good idea. It's a gamble.
  • Buying a house as an investment could be a good gamble, depending on the location.

A person who gambles is known as a gambler.

  • Poker is a very popular card game among gamblers.
  • A successful gambler has to know when to call it quits. (call it quits = stop playing)

cards A royal flush is a good hand to have when playing poker.

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Published on August 10, 2017



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