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Use the word "another" when referring to one more thing, a group of things, or a different thing.

  • Can I get another pound of salami, please. (I have one pound, but I would like one more.)
  • The team scored another run to win the game.
  • This rate increase is going to cost us another $50 per month.
  • John and Rachel are going to have another child in May, making them a family of five. (two parents, three children)
  • The team working on the project requested another day to get their work done. (They asked for one more day.)
  • President Obama was given another four years to be President in 2012.
  • It's raining. We'll go the beach on another day.
  • The receptionist asked Bertha to choose another time to meet with her lawyer.
  • Tom visited another doctor for a second opinion on his cancer diagnosis.

Note: Don't confuse "another" with "other."

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Date of publication: January 1, 2017




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