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The word "fraud" is used for a person or an action that is not truthful, or it is fake. Fraud is also a term used when someone has committed a crime involving a form of illegal deception:
  • The young woman guilty of mail fraud went to jail for two years.
  • The credit card company sent us a fraud alert, warning us that someone was trying to use our credit card.
  • Accusations of fraud followed an investigation into a company's claim that its products could cure cancer.
  • A judge can help determine if fraud did indeed take place.
  • Federal, state, and local governments have to deal with fraud and waste on a daily basis.
  • Once everyone realized the man was a fraud, he left his position in disgrace.
  • He's a fraud and a con man.
  • The man's a fraud.

The word "fraudulent" is an adjective:

  • Allegations of abuse turned out to be fraudulent.
  • Claims by the manufacturer that the pills would a make a person stronger turned out to be fraudulent.
  • Fraudulent email sent to thousands of people told them that they would inherit over a million dollars if they contacted the attorney managing the inheritance.


Beneath his clothing the man wore a gadget that made him look larger and stronger than he really was. What a fraud!


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Date of publication: January 6, 2017




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