Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

affect      bald      come      drag     fan      grab      groan      halt      make      patch      physical      stone      theft       twilight      uniform         

1.  The company decided to _________ production of its product because of a defect.

2. The front of that old building is made entirely of __________.

3. Henry ripped his pants, so he put a __________ over the damaged area.

4. A man who goes __________ might not feel as attractive as he did when he had hair.

5. __________ can go on for hours in areas of the world that are very far north.

6. Kevin's doctor wants him to go in for a __________ at the end of the year.

7. Diseases that __________ a person's immune system are very serious.

8. Our neighbors reported a __________ of some items that were stolen from their garage.

9. A bright orange construction _________ indicates the place where there's a big pothole.

10. Let's stop at a fast food place and __________ something to eat.

11. In agony, the man who was waiting to see the dentist let loose with a loud __________.

12. Did anyone __________ coffee, yet?

13. Regina is not a big __________ of the President. She really dislikes his personality.

14. Employees at ABC Bakery are required to wear a tie as part of their __________.

15. It's a total __________ to have to work all weekend in the summer.


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Answers: 1. halt; 2. stone; 3. patch; 4. bald; 5. Twilight; 6. physical; 7. affect; 8. theft;

9. cone; 10. grab; 11. groan; 12. make; 13. fan; 14. uniform; 15. drag




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