Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

rage      raise      random      rare      reach     realize       refund      regret     relief    rescue      rinse      riot     rip     risk     rot     rough     routine     row     ruin    rush    

1.  Some people who immigrate to the United States __________ their decision.

2. The worst time to drive through the city is during _________ hour.

3. JoAnn has to stand on her toes in order to __________ the items on the upper shelf.

4. A shopper should get a full _________ for a purchased item that is defective or broken.

5. Wanda likes her steak cooked medium __________, so that it's still bloody.

6. I'm sorry. I didn't __________ you needed help.

7. The teacher called on students at __________ to answer questions regarding the assignment.

8. Passengers on the small plane felt tremendous _________ when their plane landed safely.

9. It's necessary to __________ your hair thoroughly after using shampoo.

10. Protestors began to _________ when the police showed up to break up the demonstration.

11. Wood exposed to moisture for too long a period of time will begin to __________.

12. We decided not to go boating today because the water was too __________.

13. It's not easy to __________ five children on a small salary.

14. George took a huge _________ by putting all of his money in the stock market.

15. A cup of coffee and a newspaper are part of Emily's morning __________.

16. When their small engine failed, Bob and Tom needed to __________ their boat back to shore.

17. A search and _________ effort began shortly after the plane was reported missing.

18. These days young people think it's fashionable to have a large __________ in their jeans.

19. Charles couldn't control his _________ at another driver who cut him off on the highway.

20. Risky investing in the stock market led George to financial __________.


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Answers: 1. regret; 2. rush; 3. reach; 4. refund; 5. rare; 6. realize; 7. random; 8. relief; 9. rinse; 10. riot; 11. rot; 12. rough; 13. raise; 14. risk; 15. routine; 16. row; 17. rescue; 18. rip; 19. rage; 20. ruin




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