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To bask is to enjoy the warmth of the sun or some other source of heat.

  • People who sit on a beach in the summer bask in the sun.
  • A person who basks in the sun for too long might get a sunburn.
  • My cats bask in the sun when it's sunny outside.
  • Basking before a warm fire on a cold day helps a person feel more comfortable.

basking in the sun

He's basking in the sun.

To bask is also to enjoy positive recognition or love from admirers:

  • The young man who won first prize in the competition basked in the applause that came during the awards ceremony.
  • Politicians bask in high approval ratings if they do a good job in office.
  • Basking in the moment of victory, olympic athletes often drape their country's flag around their shoulders.

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Date of publication: March 2, 2017





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