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When the word "hatch" is used as a verb, it refers to the process by which a baby animal emerges from an egg.

simple past past participle
  • Chicken eggs hatch in about three weeks.
  • It's interesting to watch the eggs hatch.
  • Snakes are hatched from eggs.
  • Turtles are also hatched from eggs.


A chick hatches from an egg.

As a verb, "hatch" is also used when a person creates a plan:

  • Our company hatched a brilliant plan for providing school supplies and money to children in impoverished schools. (impoverished = poor)
  • The prisoners hatched a plan for escaping from the prison.

When the word "hatch" is used as a noun, it usually refers to a door that is used for escaping from a vehicle or a boat.

  • The escape hatch on a plane is tightly sealed.
  • The hatch on a submarine must be tightly sealed; otherwise, water get enter the submarine.
  • Make sure the hatch is closed.


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This page was published on March 14, 2017.




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