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We use the word "indeed" to emphasize the affirmative. It's similar to "for sure."

  • The man did, indeed, finally find what he was looking for.
  • Yes, indeed.
  • I do, indeed, intend on going to the game.
  • Jeffrey is a very happy man, indeed.
  • This is extremely good news, indeed.

Sometimes the word "indeed" is used when questioning facts, addressing existence, or considering possibilities:

  • The witness claims that he did indeed see the defendant leave the crime scene.
  • How will we ever raise the money we need for our project? How indeed?
  • I wonder if he does indeed understand the seriousness of this situation.
  • You do indeed have a right to file a complaint.
  • Indeed, this man was a visionary whose inventions were overlooked during his lifetime.

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This page was published on March 16, 2017.







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