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A mystery is a situation in which there are a lot of questions raised or something is secret.

  • Why is he acting that way? It's a mystery.
  • With each passing day, the mystery deepened.
  • Eventually, this mystery will be solved.
  • A lot of mystery surrounds this group of people.
  • There's too much mystery and very few facts for investigators to go on. (to go on = use information)

A mystery is also a book, usually fiction, in which there's secrecy, suspense, and--perhaps-- murder.

  • Have you read any good mysteries lately?
  • Stephen King is a famous writer of mysteries.
  • It's hard for some people to put down a good mystery.
  • A good mystery novel is a real page-turner. (You can't stop reading it because it's so interesting.)

The word "mysterious" is an adjective:

  • Their behavior is very mysterious.
  • Some mysterious information just came to light.
  • A mysterious man walking around our neighborhood was reported to the police.
  • The witness gave a mysterious answer to the question.

The word "mysteriously" is an adverb:

  • Why is she behaving so mysteriously?
  • The man mysteriously vanished.
  • These people seemed to appear mysteriously out of nowhere.


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This page was published on March 31, 2017.



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