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Use the word "clever" for people who are witty, smart, intelligent, or interesting.

  • Benjamin Franklin was clever and talented in many different areas.
  • The person who invented radio was very clever.
  • The iPhone is a very clever device. (The word "clever" can also be used to describe a thing.)
  • Our teacher is a very clever man.
  • Bill Maher is a comedian who tells clever jokes.
  • That's so clever!
  • How clever!
  • That was a clever move. (Said by someone playng the game of chess.)

clever young man He's a very clever young man.

The word "cleverly" is an adverb:

  • Cleverly, the students worked together to solve the problem.
  • Tom cleverly repsonded to an insult and made his attacker look quite foolish.
  • The professor cleverly figured out how to get her students to come to class early.

The word "cleverness" is a noun:

  • Apple is a corporation well known for cleverness and innovation in designing new products.
  • A fox relies on its cleverness in order to eat.
  • Pamela used her cleverness and charm to become successful.

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