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The wrist is that part of a person's body where the hand joins the arm.

wrist wrist

The wrist provides flexibility for moving the hand.


feeling for a pulse taking a pulse

When your pulse is taken, the nurse of the doctor takes it from your wrist.


wristwatch wristwatch

A wristwatch is worn around the wrist. A wristwatch tells time.


wristwatches  wristwatches

Wristwatches are less popular nowadays because so many people carry cell phones that tell time.


handcuffs  handcuffs

When a person is apprehended (caught) by a police officer, the police officer might put handcuffs around the suspect's wrists to reduce the possibility of escape or harm to the arresting officer.


limp wrist  a limp wrist

Here's an interesting adjective for you. To say that someone or something is limp-wristed is to say that it is weak. Here are some examples:

  • The man gave a limp-wristed response to the question.
  • Walter's limp-wristed handshake caused him to lose a second interview. (A handshake should be firm.)
  • The quarterback's limp-wristed throw to another player was intercepted and resulted in the loss of the game.


April 17, 2018







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