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To hang something is to put it on a wall, on a hook, or around some other object. This is an irregular verb with two different possibilities for the past tense and the past participle.

simple past past participle
hung / hanged
hung / hanged
  • I hung my coat in the closet.
  • Where do you hang your clothes?
  • Paintings hang in an art gallery.
  • Signs hang in windows to advertise products.
  • Many Americans hang American flags outside their homes on national holidays.
  • Icicles hang from the eaves of houses in the winter.
  • Business men hang neckties around their necks when wearing a suit.

hanger  You hang your clothes on a hanger.

The word "hang" is also used when a person spends time alone or with other people, usually friends.

  • Rogelio likes to hang out with this friends on the weekend.
  • Vanessa has been hanging with some bad people lately.
  • Who do you hang out with?
  • Let's hang this weekend.
  • There's a strange-looking guy hanging around outside the store. He's by himself.
  • The police came by to talk to someone who was hanging around outside of a bank for several hours.

There are some popular expressions that use the word "hang."

  • Don't leave me hanging. (Don't leave me along. I need help.)
  • I have another call. Can you hang on? (Can you wait?)
  • Hang on. I'll be right back. (Wait.)
  • How's it hanging? (How's it going?)
  • The patient is still hanging on. (The patient is still alive. He hasn't died yet.)

There's a form of execution that involves putting a rope around a person's neck. In this case, use the word "hang."

  • As a form of frontier justice in the old west, people were hung for stealing or murder.
  • John Wilkes Booth was hanged for his involvement in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.
  • People of a town used to gather to watch a convicted criminal be hung.
  • Hanging is no longer a form of corporal punishment in the United States, but it is still practiced in a few other countries around the world.

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