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The word "moral" refers to the rightness or wrongness of a person's behavior or values.

  • Some schools try to develop moral character in their students.
  • Ultimately, the moral development of children is the responsibility of parents.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. was a great moral leader who expressed compassion for people who were poor and oppressed.

The word "moral" is also used when referring to the overall thematic message or ideas communicated in a story.

  • What's the moral of the story?
  • Aesop's Fables include some sort of a moral at the end of the story.
  • In the "Boy Who Cried Wolf," the moral of the story is that if a person lies often enough, at some point people will stop believing what he or she says.

The word "morally" is an adverb.

  • To allow people to go hungry when you are able to offer help is morally wrong.
  • It's morally reprehensible to harm a child.
  • It's morally wrong to send back immigrants who have made successful lives here in the United States.

The word "morality" is a noun:

  • The morality of a butcher was called into question following his decision to sell to customers meat which he knew to be tainted.
  • Morality and decency are important virtues in a civilized society.
  • A person who will do absolutely any sort of illegal activity to get ahead lacks a sense of morality.

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