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Use the word "nonsense" to refer to a situation or spoken words that lack logic or reason, or a situation is foolish or stupid.

  • This is nonsense.
  • The words of the speaker amounted to a bunch of nonsense.
  • To say that the earth is flat is nonsense.
  • To claim that white people are smarter or better than other groups of people is nonsense.
  • What is all this nonsense?
  • The teacher grew tired of the nonsense in the classroom and told the misbehaving student to leave.
  • I'm not going to put up with this nonsense any longer.
  • This is nonsense. I don't have to put up with it. (To put up with something is to tolerate it or let it happen.)

reading a manualShe believes she's reading a bunch of nonsense.

The word "nonsensical" is an adjective.

  • Any politician in the United States who thinks he's above the law is likely to make nonsensical decisions.
  • To believe in luck or magic as a solution to one's problems is nonsensical.
  • Journalists who deal in facts and the truth are able to identify and dissect nonsensical arguments fairly easily.










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