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The word "piece" is usually used as a noun to refer to a thing or a part of something.

  • Harold ate a piece of pie.
  • Would you like a piece of cake?
  • I ate a piece of pizza for lunch.
  • There are 500 puzzle pieces for this jigsaw puzzle.
  • Minh bought a big piece of land for a farm in Wisconsin. (piece of land = usually a large area of land without buildings or houses)
  • That's a beautiful piece of land.
  • Moonlight Sonata is a beautiful piece of music.
  • Many famous pieces of art can be found at the Art Institute in Chicago.
  • Following an accident, you can see pieces of cars lying in the street.
  • A lamp fell off of the table and shattered in a thousand pieces.
  • The queen is the most powerful piece in the game of chess.
  • In monopoly, players move their pieces around the board by rolling dice.

There are other ways to use the word "piece."

  • We're hoping to get a piece of the action. (a piece of the action = sharing in the benefits)
  • Zelda gave her coworker a piece of her mind. (a piece of one's mind = a very strong opinion)
  • Patty fell to pieces upon learning that her husband was not faithful to her. (fall to pieces = become upset)
  • The police pieced together what happened on the evening of the young man's disappearance. (This sentence uses "piece" as a verb. piece together = figure out)
  • I read an interesting piece in the newspaper the other day. (piece = article, editorial, or opinion)
  • John said the test was a piece of cake. (piece of cake = easy)

tearing into piecesIn anger, the man tore up the contract into tiny pieces.

Note: Don't confuse the word "piece" with the word "peace."

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First published on January 19, 2018







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