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The word "trouble" is used when there is a problem, large or small. This common word can be used as a noun, a verb, and as an adjective.

In these sentences and questions, the word "trouble" is a noun:

  • Who do you call when you are in trouble? (or...Whom do you call... )
  • Berniece is in big trouble at school.
  • The principal of a school or a dean of students usually deals with children who are in trouble.
  • Edith got in trouble for driving with an expired driver's license.
  • How much trouble is she in?
  • Bob is having some trouble figuring out a problem at work. (have + trouble)
  • Pamela is having some trouble with her cable provider.
  • The troubles Kevin had with his neighbor began with a dog that wouldn't stop barking. (Notice that the noun trouble can be used as a count noun or as a noncount noun.)
  • The trouble with the proposal to build a new stadum is that it's too expensive.
  • If you have trouble starting your car, you might have to take it to a mechanic.
  • A person who has trouble breathing should see a doctor.

police officer with criminal

He's in trouble.

You can also use the word "trouble" as a verb or as an adjective:

  • What's troubling you? (trouble = verb)
  • This is a troubling development. (trouble = adjective)
  • Ralph's depression troubled him so much that he needed to see a doctor. (trouble = verb)
  • Cindy is a troubled young woman who needs professional help. (trouble = adjective)

The word "troubleshoot" is used when referring to a method or a person who takes care of problems.

  • The company hired someone to troubleshoot the problems they were having with their computer network.
  • An owner's manual for an electronic appliance usually includes a troubleshooting guide to help consumers figure out problems they may have with something they have purchased.

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