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The word "vein" is often used to refer to the vessels that help circulate blood throughout the body. The specific job of a vein is to bring blood back to the heart. The word "vein is also used for plants.

  • Blood is drawn from a vein in your arm.
  • A phlebotomist is a person who draws blood from a vein.
  • How does a phlebotomist find a good vein from which to take blood?
  • Certain people can see veins on their arms, their hands, and on their feet.
  • Veins pop out when the flow of blood is restricted. (pop out = to be visible)
  • Some people are afflicted with varicose veins on their legs. Varicose veins indicate the potential for blood clots.
  • Veins in a plant move water and nutrients throughout the plant.

veins on plants

The veins in this leaf are easily visible.

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Published on March 1, 2018







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