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Here is the place where you are right now, or it's the place that is very close to where you are.

  • I live in Minnesota. I have lived here since 1991.
  • When I came home, I asked if anyone was here.
  • Is anyone here?
  • Please, come here. (Come to where I am.)
  • Do you want to come here or should I go over there?
  • We need to leave here by 10 a.m. if we want to make it to the airport by 10:30.
  • Is there a gas station around here? (around here = near this location)
  • There are many interesting places to visit around here.
  • He's not from around here, is he?
  • Are you from around here? (Do you live here, or do you know this area well?)
  • Jared is traveling to Chicago this weekend. From here to there is about 400 miles.
  • How far is to from here to there?

There are some idiomatic ways to use the word "here." (This is an unusual expression or popular usage among native speakers.)

  • Here you go. (I'm giving this to you.)
  • Here. (I'm giving this to you.)
  • Here we go. (We're leaving a location or starting something new.)
  • Here we are. (We have arrived at a destination.)
  • We live in the here and now. (We live in the present, not the past or the future.)
  • Joe is picking up extra work here and there. (here and there = not on a regular schedule or not routine.)

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