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The word "dumb" is very similar to the word "stupid."

  • That's a dumb idea. / That's a stupid idea.
  • He's dumb. / He's stupid.
  • Don't be so dumb.
  • Why is he so dumb?
  • He's the dumbest person I've ever met. (The word "dumb" is in the superlative form in this sentence.)
  • He's a dumb dumb. (Sometimes this word is repeated when describing a person.)
  • The people who made those decisions sure were dumb.

There are some expressions that include the word "dumb."

  • I was dumbstruck by the amount of food that was thrown away. (dumbstruck = very surprised)
  • The teacher tried to dumb down the test so that most students would pass it. (dumb down = make something easier)
  • Jose says his boss is dumb as a box of rocks. (dumb as a box of rocks = very stupid)
  • Don't play dumb with me. (play dumb = pretend not to know something)

Note: The "b" at the end of "dumb" is silent.

September 6, 2018







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