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The word "grin" is similar to the word "smile."

  • Sarah has a big grin (smile) on her face after winning the singing contest. (In this sentence, "grin" is a noun.)
  • Knowing that he got the job he interviewed for, Mario grinned (smiled) all the way home. (in this sentence, "grin" is a verb.)
  • People at the state fair had big grins on their faces as they went from one exhibition to another.
  • The children grinned as they ate their ice cream cones.

There are particular uses for the word "grin."

  • What are you grinning about? (Said when a smile irritates another person for whatever reason.)
  • Wipe that grin off your face! (Stop smiling!)
  • The man had an evil grin on his face as he watched the two dogs fight. (evil grin = a person smiles while doing something mean or evil.)
  • The banjo player is picking and grinning. (picking and grinning = playing a stringed instrument such as a banjo or a guitar.)
  • This is a difficult situation, but we're just going to have to grin and bear it. (grin and bear it = cope with or manage a problem)
  • She's grinning from ear to ear. (She has a big smile on her face.)

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