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To protect is to cover or provide safety.

  • An umbrella protects you from the rain.
  • Police officers protect us from criminals.
  • Gloves and mittens protect your hands from the cold.
  • Your home is protected by homeowner's insurance. (This sentence is in the passive voice, present tense.)
  • To protect your identity, be careful about giving out your personal information.
  • Protecting your children from harm is your responsibility as a parent.

The words "protected" and "protective" are adjectives:

  • Some people feel they are protected if they keep a gun inside their home.
  • Car wax provides a protective layer for the exterior of your car.


A mother bear is very protective of her cubs.

The word "protection" is a noun:

  • An insurance policy provides protection if you are ever in a car accident.
  • A roof provides protection for your home.
  • A good helmet gives some protection to a person who rides a bike and gets into an accident.

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