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To abuse someone or something is to use it or treat it in a way that is wrong. When this word is a verb, the "s" sounds like a "z."

simple past past participle
  • The man who abused his neighbors with insults and vandalism was eventually arrested by the police.
  • The woman who lives in the apartment next door lost custody of her children because she was abusing them.
  • A person I work with was abusing his wife, so the police arrested him.
  • It's unhealthy to abuse alcohol.
  • The President is in danger of being impeached for abusing his position for personal gain. (The word "abusing" in this sentence is a gerund.)
  • A teacher who is aware of a child being abused must report the abuse to the authorities.

When this word is a noun, it's pronounced abuse. The "s" is pronounced as an "s."

  • Elder abuse, which involves harming a person who is elderly, may result in jail time if there's a conviction.
  • People who work in hospitals can suffer from physical and mental abuse while on the job.
  • The abuse of a child is a terrible thing which can not go unpunished.
  • Sexual abuse from a spouse should be reported to the authorities.
  • Victims of abuse can find help through social services.
  • The intentional abuse of an animal is illegal in many places.
  • Boxers can endure a lot of physical abuse as they are fighting.

boxers boxers

The word "abusive" is an adjective:

  • The manager of the store was fired because he was so abusive towards the employees.
  • Jennifer left her husband because he was verbally abusive towards her.
  • Rick divorced his wife on the grounds that she was so emotionally abusive.
  • You shouldn't remain in an abusive relationship.

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