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There are two ways to use the word "grit." In this first set of examples, grit means determination. A person who has grit works very hard, even when a situation is difficult.

  • With support from her family and a lot grit, Denise was able to get through medical school and become a doctor.
  • Dan's ability to win the tennis match showed real grit.
  • Immigrants to the United States become successful through faith in American ideals and pure grit.
  • It takes grit for a person to become successful.
  • You can achieve your goals through a combination of grit and a little luck.

Another way to use the word "grit" is for small particles of sand found in the environment and on sandpaper:


  • I used 200-grit sandpaper to sand down a table that I painted.
  • Sandpaper for a rough surface should be between 40 and 80 grit.
  • You will need to use a very fine grit of sandpaper when sanding down something before you paint it.
  • A fine grit of dirt and sand blows around during a dust storm.
  • A storm blew all kinds of grit into the air and into everyone's face.
  • You could feel the grit in your teeth.
  • The fish we ate last night tasted a little gritty. (The word "gritty" is an adjective.)
  • Clam chowder can be a little gritty.

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