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Use the word "silly" as an adjective when describing behavior or ideas that are funny, ridiculous, or foolish.

  • The little girl made silly faces at her brother.
  • She was being silly.
  • Jacob is a silly boy.
  • He does a lot of silly things.
  • Children enjoy singing silly songs.
  • Children also like to tell silly jokes to each other.
  • That man has a lot of silly ideas.
  • He's not serious--he's just being silly.
  • This is just a bunch of silly nonsense.
  • That's silly.
  • Stop being so silly.
  • Don't be silly. (This sentence is a common response to something a person says.)
  • Doug doesn't feel comfortable around people who are always silly.
  • Some medicine makes people feel a little silly.

silly face

The word "silliness" is a noun.

  • Bill's silliness got him in trouble at work.
  • There's no reason for this silliness.
  • There's no time for silliness during an important meeting.

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