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To barf is to vomit or throw up. The contents of a person's stomach come up through the esophagus and out of a person's mouth. This is something that almost everyone does, but it's not pleasant to talk about. The word "barf" is used literally when a person really gets sick:

  • A student barfed during class and was sent home because of illness.
  • He must be sick because he barfed.
  • After drinking all night, Todd barfed when he got home.
  • It smells like someone barfed.
  • There's barf all over the floor. (In this sentence, the word "barf" is used as a noun.)

barf He's about to barf.

The word "barf" is a strong word that is often used figuratively as a form of exaggeration:

  • That makes me want to barf.
  • This food tastes like barf.
  • Oh barf.

Other words that are used in place of barf are puke, upchuck, and spew. However, these are not polite words. The polite way to speak about a person who barfs is to say that person got sick.

  • She barfed in class. (not very polite)
  • She got sick in class. (polite)
  • She said she was about to barf. (not polite)
  • She said she was about to get sick. (polite)

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January 2, 2019







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