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The word "hiss" is used for high-pitched sounds that are created with a long s.

  • The radiator is hissing.
  • My cat hissed at me.
  • There's a hissing sound coming from the bottom of the car.
  • Do you hear that hissing sound?
  • When the water first comes out of the sprinkler system, it sounds like a hiss.
  • When asked what his name was, Cecil hissed.
  • When we heard the snake hiss at us, we ran.

snakeSome snakes hiss.

The word "hissy" is used as an adjective in front of the word "fit." A hissy fit is similar to a temper tantrum.

  • Bruce threw a hissy fit when someone complained about the length of the meeting.
  • Our supervisor's hissy fits are becoming more frequent.
  • Don't throw a hissy fit!
  • The little girl had a hissy fit and meltdown inside the elevator.

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