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Dirt can come in a few different forms. It can be the soil beneath your feet. It can be the dust and grime that forms on your car. It can be a report of misbehavior. Whatever form it takes, you should know how to use this word.

  • When I was a boy, I enjoyed playing in the dirt.
  • Children like to play in the dirt.
  • When seeds are planted in the dirt, they grow into plants.
  • Black dirt is valuable because it's so rich in nutrients.
  • Ash and soot from factories are forms of dirt.
  • They make the sky look dirty. (The word "dirty" is an adjective.)
  • When dirt and water are mixed they create mud.

dirty shoes

  • These shoes have dirt and mud on them.
  • Dirt can be washed away with soap and water.pants
  • Dirty clothes need to be washed.
  • These pants are really dirty.

You can also use the words "dirt" or "dirty" when talking about behavior or entertainment that includes foul language or nudity.

  • William has a dirty mouth.
  • He likes to tell dirty jokes.

william This is William.

  • Todd has a collection of dirty magazines.
  • He likes to watch dirty movies.

The word "dirt" is also used to refer to information, true or false, that harms a person's reputation.

  • Politicians sometimes try to dig up dirt on their political opponents.
  • Political opponents of Joe Biden tried to get dirt on him, but they were not successful.
  • People who participate in dirty forms of politics are usually caught and subject to public criticism.

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