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To play is to enjoy an activity for the purity of the experience and for the fun of participating with other people in the activity.

  • Children love to play.
  • They love to play games.
  • Children learn to socialize by playing with each other.
  • Playing a sport is a good way to meet other people.
  • Let's play baseball.
  • Or would you like to play soccer?
  • It's important to play by the rules.
  • Playing a musical instrument is a good way to relax.
  • Do you know how to play music?
  • What songs do you know how to play?

soccer player

As a verb, the word "play" is very popular when talking about a person's contributions to a result, whether that result is positive or negative:

  • Shelly has played a major role in the company's success. (This sentence is in the present perfect tense.)
  • Todd played no role in a positive third quarter, although he took credit for it.
  • Human activity plays a huge role in climate change.

The word "play" can be used as a verb or as a noun. In the next set of examples, the word "play" is a noun:

  • We went to see a play last night. (play = dramatic performance)
  • There were several very good actors in the play.
  • During the baseball game we watched last night, the center fielder made an important play.
  • He made a good play.
  • A play on words, such as a pun, creates a double meaning.
  • In order to watch a video on YouTube, click on play.

The word "player" is a noun used to identify a person:

  • He's a good soccer player. (Use "player" for participants in team sports.)
  • She's a very good tennis player.
  • Thomas Johnson was a major player in helping make a deal come together between the two companies.

There are other words that make use of or includes the word "play."

  • Leona has over 200 songs on her playlist. (play list = a list of songs to be played or listed on an electronic device)
  • People who enjoy wordplay challenge themselves with crossword puzzles and word games.
  • Game officials watched the replay to determine if the ball was out of bounds. (replay = a stored video segment of action during a game)
  • Rover is a very playful puppy. (The word "playful" is an adjective.)
  • Chuck playfully teases his coworkers. (The word "playfully" is an adverb.

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